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Execute a Sitecore Scheduled Task from the ribbon

A few weeks ago I deployed the “Sitecore Shell Wax” shared source module to the Marketplace. This week, I’ve added a little more wax to that shell! Currently, if you want to run a Scheduled Task immediately (not waiting for … Continue reading

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Introducing the ‘Sitecore Shell Wax’ SharedSource Module

I created the ‘Sitecore Shell Wax’ module as a container for custom improvements/tweaks to the Sitecore Shell. At this point though, the only tweak in it is something I called “Task Schedule Field Editor”. Task Schedule Field Editor Have you … Continue reading

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Introducing the Compare Servers module!

UPDATE: There are many more options out there now to do the kind of thing I was attempting to accomplish here. Take a look at Razl or Unicorn first! I only built this because at the time, there was nothing. 🙂 When … Continue reading

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