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LowerCaseKeywordAnalyzer not lowercasing… or is it?

I recently ran into an issue where it appeared that the LowerCaseKeywordAnalyzer was NOT making a custom field’s value lower case in our Lucene index. (Sitecore 7.5) My custom field was defined as follows: When viewing the field value in LUKE (lucene index viewer), … Continue reading

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How to fix that burning smell coming from your Sitecore Search Index

A few weeks ago, we decided to go through our Sitecore log files to clean up small bugs and unnecessary logging. After quite successfully eliminating a lot of the “noise” entries in our log files, we noticed that there were A … Continue reading

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IndexSearchContext.Search converts TermQuery to PrefixQuery

As part of upgrading our sites to Sitecore 6.6, I had to update our search/indexing code because 6.6 uses a newer version of Lucene.NET. I took this as an opportunity to switch over to using Sitecore.Search instead of native Lucene.NET. … Continue reading

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Cannot use Analytics with a database that has no definition items

I spent the better part of a day figuring out the resolution to this error, so I figured I’d share… The Situation We were unable to rebuild the Lucene search indexes on our public facing servers (staging)  due to the … Continue reading

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